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Learn difficult subject with ease

Here is one super power strategy to handle difficult to comprehend subject.

 First go through the study material. Just don't try to understand anything. After finishing that, read the material attentively.

When I came to know about this small technique from one of our teacher I tried this on the very same day and it worked like magic. It works best when used with 2 to 3 paragraphs at a time. First read two or three paragraphs without concentrating on the details at all. The less you concentrate the better. Then read the paragraphs with concentration. You will have almost no difficulty to understand the material. Though others may find the same paragraphs difficult to understand.

After finishing with the 1st set of paragraphs you can read other paragraphs of your book employing same technique.

You need nothing more than your book (whatever be your subject) to test this technique. Why donít you do it right now?

















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