Be taken seriously every time you pick up the ball or talk about bowling.

 Question: Why some people score 200+ or even 250+ when others are well bellow 200?

 Answer: They must be having very powerful muscles. Wrong!

 Answer: They are well coordinated and have a flexible body. Wrong!

 Answer: They have correct techniques. Right!

 Yes correct techniques make the difference between stars and green horns. Fortunately babies are not born with bowling skills, so, as you can imagine correct techniques can be developed.

 There are two ways to develop or learn correct techniques:

 First: Try your own ideas first. And then learn from your mistakes as you move along --getting tidbits of information and ideas from various sources.

 Second: Learn from an expert source with proven records.

 First method will take years. Full of frustrating experiences and humiliations there is no guaranty that you will pick up any usable skill at all.

 The second method will produce results fast and you will experience less pain.  

 Imagine having a personal coach who will guide you, teach you about correct techniques and ready to work with you whenever you are ready.

 Secrets of high score bowlingTo the beginners bowling may appear all about throw-the-ball-and-pray. But there are many things that a

 player needs to know that make the difference between 250+ and 200-.

 And most of the players who prefer first method never in their life will know such information exist and when used can take their game to next level.

 Stance, follow-through, push-away these terms may sound like some Martian language to a newcomer but without knowing these and strategies involved around these one can only hope for luck.


Introducing Killer Bowling Strategies:

 It is a collection of ideas and killer techniques in e-book form compiled by a Bowling star.

 No matter if you are newcomer to the game or a seasoned pro of many years you will be benefited from this e-manual.

 What is there for beginners:


  • A heavy ball or a lighter one which is better and why. You must have the answer if want to improve your average.


  • Learn a simple test that will show if you are holding the ball correctly. If your ball hold is not correct you can not score high.


  • How to carry the ball to the foul line --so that you can deliver an accurate roll.


  • How to decide the most efficient starting point for you when you move forward to foul line.


  • How to develop a natural and easy delivery style.


  • The specific pocket you should target. When you target this pocket you maximize your chance of getting a strike.


  • What is push-away and how to time it for high score.


  • What is follow-through? And why the correct follow through of your bowling hand can increase your percentage of strikes.


  • Learn how you can increase your control over the ball. When you control the ball you start enjoying the like melting chocolate in your mouth.


  • If you feel bowling is for big guys find out about someone only 5-2 who consistently humiliated guys almost double his size.


  • What are Spot, Pin, and Line Bowling? And how to select the one that will best suite you.


  • Why concentrating on getting strikes can sometimes be dangerous? And what you can do about it.


  • Know the inner details of straight, backup, hook and curve --four major delivery types. Selecting the delivery type that suites you most is very important if you want to score real big.


  • To be successful you need to get spares consistently. Numerous scenarios have been discussed in great detail to show you how you can improve your rate of getting spares.


  • And many more tips and techniques for beginners


But this manual is not for beginners alone. Players bowling for many years will also get to learn many things from this manual. 


    • If you have a fault in your style --what you should do about it. And what will be the perfect time for taking corrective action.


    • How you can change your action and timing to increase the speed of the ball.


    • How to correct the flaws in your delivery.


    • All alleys are not alike how to quickly study the nature of the alley and adjust your game to it.


    • Eleven most common faults that even seasoned bowlers make and their remedies. See if you suffer from any of these.


 Though this course contains so much of meaty material it is very reasonable priced. To get your hands on this manual you need to spend only $27.

Free Bonus- I     Plus you will also get a bonus e-book when you purchase. " The Power of Concentration" this book will not only help you to improve your score but you can also use the principles laid out in the book for getting unlimited success in every area of your life.

Free Bonus- II   You will also get a special report "How to Build Muscles" this report will show you the fool proof way to build power-packed and muscular body.

You do not need Paypal account.

It is a digital download and you can start reading this book within five minutes even if it is 2 AM in the morning.

 And it comes with full satisfaction or your money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the manual you can ask and get 100% refund of your money within 60 days of purchase. 

 PS:  So before you run to buy another new ball which you hope will help you with your hook or blaming your pair of shoes for low score read this manual and fine tune your game.




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