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Make Your Neighbors Think you Hired A Professional Cake Decorator

Step-by-step to Cake Decorating Mastery

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Dear Cake Lover,                                                                                                                              

Baby shower, wedding, birthday, holiday, promotion, graduation, Christmas whatever be the reason behind the party and festival a fabulous cake is a must. But not any cake that just tastes good, it should look great as well.


This precisely is the reason behind the sky rocketing demand for good cake artists, but sad fact is decent cake decorators are hard to come by. One reason may be they don’t teach cake decoration in school, [probably because good cake decorators who really know the craft are not available for a dime.]



Whatever may be the reason, let me tell you one thing frankly this opens a wide open door to recognition, fame and money if you are willing and able to spend few hours of your time to learn the craft that is in great demand these days. 


Be your neighbor’s envy. Attract the attention of everybody in your party. Or simply amaze your family members with a great looking cake. 


With phenomenal increase in demand for well decorated cake for almost every occasion, you can even start your own cake decorating business. Simple mom and pop cake decorating services are making good money by decorating cakes. 


Teaching other hobbyists of this culinary art can also be a good way of earning money and having good time with something you love.


But there is one huge problem:


Cake decoration is a deep subject plus cake decoration that attracts attention is not easy. On the top of that there is hardly one comprehensive resource in the market that will teach you step-by-step the trick and techniques that professionals use for decorating great looking cakes. 


Most of the books and classes that are available will teach the basics of cake decorating without going into the more subtle secrets of cake decorating that make the difference between just good and exclusive


I often hear people saying “she is decorating cake for last 10 years no wonder that she is so good in her work”. But there is a great myth in such statements. You just can not become expert by doing it for longer period of time. And no one can learn every thing about a deep and multi faceted art like cake decorating all on her own. 


Cake Decorating CourseYou need a comprehensive resource like


That not only teaches you every aspect of cake decorating from border to flowers, from figure piping to tube writing step-by-step but also holds your hand to show you how you can be proficient in decorating dessert, salad, sandwich, pastries, cookies etc. 

Do you often find yourself scratching your head for new decoration ideas?

With this course at your disposal, you will never have shortage of ideas. Just open the course at any page and start from there, unique and elegant design ideas will kick your brain cells. After all, there are scores of borders, flowers, figure designs, effects and patterns for you to choose from.

And you are not limited to that you can always mix and match and come up with new things that no body in the world have ever came across. And not only design ideas you will also get full step-by-step instructions in this course to give shape to your ideas. So can you imagine how easy it will be to have next gala party at your place!

Do you make great tasting cakes, but often have difficulty to dress the cake to give it a pretty look. I agree, it is a difficult task! Controlling icing to create patterns can be pain in the neck.

But not any more, discover the secrets of creating perfect icing that will be easy to control and you will also discover techniques of how to apply the icing so that instead of messing with the cake you will end up with something that will attract 'Ooh' and 'Aah' from everyone around. Can you imagine the glory of creating something that will be  centerpiece of the dessert table?


What you will find in this Course: 

This is a big course. Every thing you need to know to start decorating cakes like top professionals are taught step-by-step.

Almost 70% of this 200+ page course is picture and illustrations and rest 30% text instructions, explanations and insider information. 

Text fonts are crisp and clear. Every detail explained in a highly visual way so that anybody even someone with zero cake decorating experience can follow along and get started

In fact many homemakers try to learn cake decorating all by themselves. Yes they do pick up couple of techniques with many years of bone crushing hard work. But that is just nothing compared to what you are going to learn from this book. 

In fact this course contains practically every thing that you will ever need to learn for decorating cakes like top of the line professionals.


Who this book is for 

·        Home makers who love to cook and live life in style 


·        Housewives who have artistic bent of mind 


·        Bakers can use this book to fire their imagination to create new designs 


·        If you what to personalize your cake and want to surprise your loved one 


·        If want to make extra money by creating something beautiful and tasty. 


·        For some who wants to convey love through sweet message in frosting 


·        Someone who would like to start their won business of making and decorating lovely

      cakes for others who do not have the skill



Why e-book format 

E-Books are simply books that are available in digital format. E-Books have many advantages over paper books.  

When you use e-book you save trees –-simply because e-books are not printed on paper. That is you save world environment.  

And e-book offers the ultimate ease of use. You can search entire book within seconds and print the page you need and take that to your kitchen. No messing with a printed book and no danger of damaging your book.

You do not need to pay for High Shipping Charges. 

You will be downloading the course immediately to your computer --you can use the course with Windows PC or on Mac. So, no nervous waiting for days for mail delivery man. 

I have included detailed instructions on how to download and use this course, at the download page itself. So you have nothing to worry about even if you have never downloaded anything before.


What this book is not


  • This is not a coffee table type book. Instead it is a work book that shows you each and every step that you need to take one after another to turn yourself into a cake decorator with professional quality skill level.


  • It is not a book on cake recipe. It essentially a book on cake design and decoration that also covers salad, dessert, sandwich dressing.


What you will discover from this course


The correct technique of frosting the cake: This is important, and hardly one out of ten get it right.


Simple ways to create various effects like spiral effect, fluffy stucco effect on cake. You these to stun others easily.


What are the main types of icing and how to prepare them types successfully?


Which icing type is best for creating clear, sharp out-lines and crisper flowers and other designs on your cake. Working with icing of wrong type can destroy your work.


The two factors that can make your icing useless. You need to be aware of these two.


The secret of when to use thick icing and when it is better to use thinner icing. You should know the difference for your own good.


Easy instructions on how to prepare handmade paper cones of various types for using with icing. This will increase your cake decorating abilities hundred fold.


Step by step instructions on how to create various patterns to make you cake beautiful.


How to use  a simple nail and piece of wax paper to create as many flowers [of almost every type available on earth] as you want to decorate your cake.


Many icing patterns are included in the book, you can use them for your design work. Or you can mix and match two or more of them to create unlimited unique designs of your own. Or simply use them as templates to trigger your creativity.


What type of color is best for using in cake decoration. This is one of the most useful part of the course.


Detailed step-by-step instruction on how to use color in your icing.


6 coloring techniques to achieve dramatic effects, unusual combinations that will make your decorated cakes look more beautiful, colorful and outstanding.


Learn 4 border techniques. Borders when done correctly smooth the cake edges, cover flaws and cracks and give the cake a uniform appearance.

50+ beautiful border design patters like are included for your use.


35+ flowers and leaves design pattern and techniques included.


But this is not every thing. . .
you will also discover more advanced techniques like


Teach yourself advanced figure piping technique to create beautiful figures on your cake. Patterns and instructions for 17+ specific figure making [like ballerina, stork, dove, swan, reindeer, clown, peacock etc] are included


Many line drawings are included that you can directly use for your own figure piping work. also you can mix and match them to create your own. These will enhance your work and make it unique.


How to create beautiful writing/lettering on your cake even your hand wring is nothing to write home about.


Discover the correct way of using the super powerful gum-paste technique that will make your  cake decoration work easy like child’s play though the end result is super impressive. Less than 5% people know this technique correctly.


Want your cake to be alive and kicking. Adding a candy character is the easiest way to do it. discover and apply the character candy technique to your cake.


How to correctly paint Scenery using icing. It is not easy only few can do it properly.


Plentiful floral arrangement design on cake


There is no better time to show off your newly acquired cake  decorating  skill  than  on  the  special  holidays. You will discover 25+ special occasion and special purpose cakes for New Year's Day, Christmas,  Mother's Day, Father's day, Valentine's Day, Easter, Baby Shower and many more.


Various types of wedding cake. Decorating wedding cake is very hot these days and the demand for this skill is ever increasing.


Various recipes and techniques Spun and pulled sugar items. These are so easily described that you can get started right away.


And you are not limited to cakes. After completion of the course you will be easily applying these techniques [with slight modifications] to decorate desserts, fruit-plates, cupcakes, petits fours, French pastries, Jello, pies, salads, sandwiches etc…


Okay, So What’s The Cost For This Incredible Resource?

Please understand you will have to spend hundreds of dollars if you decide to join a class to learn cake decorating. Apart from money there is little chance you will be lucky enough to get good teacher there because most of the cake artists worth their salt get very little time from their busy schedule. with this course you are getting the opportunity to explore the amazing world of cake decorating at your own kitchen, you don't have to leave your home.

Considering everything the course come to you very cheap for only


IMPORTANT  But it will not remain this low for long. I am seriously considering of increasing the price of the course to at least



Free Bonus For You:

Candy Making Course

When you order this amazing cake decorating course you will get another amazing e-book

Complete Book of Holiday Candy Making

absolutely free. It is not a simple bare bone 15 page thrown away report what you will be getting is a delicious, meaty  120 page book.


From your bonus e-book you'll discover the secret making of uniquely delicious:

Fondant                                   Mint Patties
Royal Icing                               Butter Creams
Oriental Creams                           Marzipan with Fondant
Hazelnut Truffles with Semisweet          French Chocolates
Chocolate Pralines                        Chocolate Creams

Spun Sugar                                Pulled Mints
Honey Nougat                              Penuche
New Orleans Pralines                      Marshmallows
Gelatin Jellies                           Jello Jellies
Apricot Jelly                             Pineapple Jelly

Apricot Coconut Balls                     Cream Caramels
Milk Caramels                            

And many many more...

And there is a special section devoted to children's candies.

You will also discover how you can make candies in large quantities.


You Can't Lose With Our 100%, Ironclad,
 "Better-Than-Risk-Free" Money Back Guarantee

So please do not waste your time. After all you do not have any risk here. I am so confident that you will love the course I am offering full satisfaction or your money back assurance. If for any damn reason you do not like the course you just shoot me an email I will return your money.


Click here to order.
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You can start reading the book within 5 minutes. Even if it is 2.30 AM at night


Please understand I am a regular guy in mid thirties and at this point when you have not even seen this course I have no  way to prove that you will love this course.

I am simply asking you to trust me. You either will or you won't.

If you do...

You can get the book with the free bonus immediately in PDF format


So you have NOTHING to lose!

Click here to order.
Payment through PayPal is secure and you do not need a PayPal account
You can start reading the book within 5 minutes. Even if it is 2.30 AM at night


The Encyclopedia of Cake Decorating

PS: With this course at your hand you will start decorating cakes like professionals in no time.


PPS: Do not just live with your desire, start doing something about it right now. With little effort and time tested tips  and techniques you too can create cakes that will be attraction of party.

Can you imagine the joy and feeling of love you will be creating by treating someone on his birthday with beautiful cake that you have made.

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