3 cake decorating mistakes beginners make

Cake decorating is an amazing hobby which is attracting more and more enthusiasts every day. But due to the inexperience and lack of proper guidance not many people are getting success. This article is a small effort to provide basic guidance and point out the common mistakes that keep beginners from enjoying this amazing art fully.

Buying too many accessories-- Beginners often buy too many accessories while they should be concentrating more on practising the art. The belief that the more tool you have the easier your task will become is basically flawed. For example there are more than 100 types of cake decorating tubes available in market.

Many beginners buy the full set and that makes the decorating work more difficult because with too many options of tube selection available picking up one for a particular design becomes a tough task. Though in reality to get started one requires at most 2 to 3 tubes. In fact even seasoned pros do not use more than 10 to 12 tubes.

Trying complex designs without mastering the basics first-- Like every thing in life one should learn to walk before trying to run. In the context cake decoration that means you should be comfortable with simpler designs before attempting the more complex ones.

I have often seen beginners select a design from net or magazine and give that a try. While trying new ideas are good thing, trying too complex designs while you are just starting out is sure shot way to frustrate yourself. Instead concentrate on simple designs and then when your hand is steady and you have a good feel of how to approach a design then only try complex patterns.

Not preparing icing correctly-- Icing is the heart of cake decoration art. If you want to be cake decorator you must understand how to prepare icing. And preparing tasty icing is not every thing. Before starting cake decorating you should have a plan how you are going to decorate the cake. And depending on the type of cake and the designed planned you have to prepare your icing.

The viscosity of the icing is critical and many beginners and sometimes even some experienced decorators get it wrong. Actually there are no hard and fast rules that you can use for making icing of correct viscosity. It depends almost totally on your experience but still I will give you some rule of thumb here that you can use while preparing icing next time.

Clean the utensils to be used for preparing the icing as even a small amount of grease can ruin the show. Beat the icing enough so that it reaches correct consistency. Keep in mind that for border work your icing should be of low consistency otherwise border will break. But for creating designs like flowers you will require icing of high consistency so that the shapes can form correctly.

These are the common mistakes that beginners often make. Being aware of them will keep you ahead of most entry level decorators. If you take action and do enough practice soon you will be an expert.

So go ahead and have fun.


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