Must have Accessories for home cake decorators

Baking is at the heart of every home, from a warm stove to sharing a delicious dessert but although it is mostly about the taste, we all enjoy a beautiful creation. It is known and true that the best ingredients are necessary for a yummy cake but more than just flour goes into a cake. Here are a few must-haves for any cake decorator.

Before starting make sure to have a mixing bowl, a whip and measuring cups/spoons. Once you have decided to create stock up on pans, pans, pans; different shapes and sizes should all be part of the pan collection. Round or squared, the perfect size and shape is going to define the foundation of the cake. Good pans also make for easy removal of the cake after baking.

What comes next is icing, many times you can start with just a regular white fluff or vanilla icing and transform it by using food coloring. Food coloring allows for a variety of colors from traditional blue, yellow, red to popping fluorescent like neon green or hot pink. This icing can not only be applied to the whole cake but also placed in the icing bag, this bag, filled with icing can be used to design your cake.

Make sure you have a coupler on every bag; couplers are small pieces that go on the end of the bags and allow for easy tip removal with out having to empty out the bag each time the tip is changed. There are different types of tips, a plain tip is circular and usually used for names or writing. Tips come in names like Stars and French amongst others. These can be used for flowers or the edges of the cake. Try the seamless stainless steel, they last longer and at times the design comes out crispier than the plastic tips.

Many of us have spice racks in our kitchens, cake decorators may consider having an extra rack but for their sprinkles! Yes, an old or extra spice rack is an easy way to store and organize sprinkles to off any cake. A colorful assortment of sprinkles always comes in handy when putting the finishing touches on your cake décor.

For cakes with themes, look into buying sugar sheets with pre-printed images that range from birthday monkeys to politic pictures. If the local bake shop does not carry them no worries just Google edible sugar sheets and range of options will pop up for you. If a picture is not what you are looking for then a traditional cake topper will work just fine. Edible ones are made but a little harder to find, party shops often carry bags with assorted figurines, keep them in stock, they come in handy for frequent bakers.

Lastly, since our main focus has been presentation, dont' forget to have a cake stand. Glass cake stands will definitely make the cake the center of attention raising it above the rest of the table so it stands out, as it should.

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