Making Rag Doll Cakes


When it comes to cake decorating most women think like ďYeah! I know it looks easy but I canít do it to save my lifeĒ. But it is false self limiting belief. Any body with little patience can learn to decorate cake like professionals.


Here is a tutorial that will show you how to create rag dog like decorative element for your cake.


A rag doll cake is suitable for birthday parties especially when itís a little girlís birthday ceremony. Though the decoration may look really intricate it is not very difficult to make.


The tubes used are listed here.


Cake decorating tube set



 To create dollís head fill your tube no. 1 with pink icing. Hold the tube at 45 degree angle with the surface. Now apply pressure so that the icing comes out through the tube. Keep on applying pressure while lifting the tube up until the ball representing the dollís head is complete. While lifting the tube up be careful and do not lift it more than around ľ inch.

rag doll cake for birthday parties


 For creating the body you will be applying same technique only difference here you will be creating the ball in elongated shape.

 finished rag doll cake


 Multi-color dress is created by stripping your decorating cone with deep coloring, placed on the same side of the cone as the narrowest end of DECORATING TUBE. Pastel icing should be used in the remainder of the cone. Lower ruffle is done first. Large end of the No. 2 TUBE must touch cake, then squeeze cone and move along with a slight side to side motion to gain fluted effect. Bonnet is made in the same manner. Star flower border is made with pink icing and a No. 3 STAR TUBE. Hold cone perpendicular, apply pressure, stop and lift up.


 Fan-like skirt is made by making separate strips, starting from the bottom of the cake and working upwards towards the body, as you move up you should decrease the applied pressure. Arms are formed as shown, starting at the shoulders. Hair can be made with a yellow icing and a No.1 TUBE, using a series of criss-cross motions. Eyes and nose are "X's" made with a No. 1 TUBE and red icing. Mouth, collar and buttons are made with the same icing and TUBE.

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