Wedding cake decorating ideas

A wedding ceremony is the most wonderful day for any bride and she wants everything to go perfectly. Everything from the food to the clothing needs to be organized and put together with a purpose. The wedding cake is a major part of any wedding reception and it should be exactly what the bride and the groom want.

A wedding cake should be based on personal preference; there is no right or wrong way to decorate a wedding cake. Whatever your personality and whatever your wedding theme, it is totally up to you. Here are just a few tips and suggestions on Wedding Cake Decorating Ideas.


There are several themes that can be created around a wedding cake, they are: glamorous, casual, bohemian, modern, classic, and of course romantic. A glamorous wedding cake should be dramatic and vibrant with beadings and draping. Beautiful colors like pearl, white, gold and silver should be used.

A casual wedding cake can be sandy beaches or a baseball field. There can be greenery, vineyards, mouldings and confection with pale colors like light blue, light green and beige.

The Bohemian styled wedding cake can be very earthy, multi-shaped, contoured with browns, beige, white, black etc colors.

The modern wedding cake theme can be geometric, full of metallic colors like gold, silver and white, also pink and orange thrown in for effect. The classic theme can be simple, elegant and classy. The romantic theme can consist of flowers, sculptures, gardens and castles. It should be enchanting and magical with roses and rose petals.

A wedding cake should represent your personality and the theme can be anything you want from holidays to weather seasons. You can have unique toppers or traditional cake toppers. You can add flowers and pearls, vines and skittles.

Whatever makes you happy is what you should do. The only advice I have is do everything you wish with the wedding cake but take enough care that everything fits into the large scheme of things perfectly. The ambience,  dress of the couple, the cake every thing should support the overall theme of the occasion.

Everything should be taken into consideration when planning a wedding cake, finances, size, colors, theme, and comfort. Wedding Cake Decorating can be done with the do it yourself attitude if you so choose , but if you choose to go this route it is best to make sure you are experienced in baking large cakes and you know the tricks of the trade for keeping a large multi-layered cake in place for a long period of time.

Study, do the research and take a class or two, but do it your way and you will be happy with whatever you choose to do. Enjoy your wedding and enjoy your cake, make it your own, be creative and make your day special.

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