How to Draw Cartoons?

If you can hold a pencil you can draw cartoons...

Here is How You Can Quickly and How to Draw CartoonsEasily Start Making Beautiful Cartoons --as You See in TV, Newspapers and Magazines-- Real Fast


14 year old school-goer making a killing

Jason a 14 year old school-goer creates cartoons and logo for various websites. Webmasters pay him $50 - $100 sometimes more depending on the size and difficulty level of the work. He had taken cartoon drawing as a hobby but now got hooked.

And the most amazing part is he does not know much about website designing or computer programming. In fact he cares very little about those things. He just makes his drawings and emails those to the webmasters and site-owners as email attachments.

Jason's case is nothing unique; anyone who can draw decent cartoons are in great demand these days. Because Magazines, News papers, TV, Advertising Agencies, Animation Channels (like cartoon network and others) need good cartoon artists to stay in business.

Plus various others like Greetings-card companies, Car-Card makers, Poster Publishers, Book publishers, Department stores and Direct Mail industries are always looking for good cartoon makers. And they are ready to pay top dollars in return.


Now you might be thinking good cartoon making must be a very difficult task only few exceptional and gifted person working for Disney studio or the like can do.


Yes you are right and wrong.



True, cartooning is not easy. It requires patience to learn the art and all the related tricks. In addition to that it can take years to really develop your own unique style.


But worry not, in a moment I am going to tell you about a shortcut that will make it a lot easier for you.


Forget about all the boring theories that they teach you in art schools.


What you are about to discover is a devastatingly simple way to master this valued art. All the well guarded secrets of masters will be revealed in front of you . Things that you really need to know to master the art quickly --not just some useless theories.


It is really amazing when all the secret tricks of the trade are kept wide open on a table in front of you how readily the bulb glows


you understand that cartoon making is not tough if you have the right tricks in your bag for the right task.


 Introducing Complete Course of Cartoon Drawing

Complete Course of Cartoon Drawing

It Charges Your Brain Cells to Boost Your Drawing Abilities and Propels You into The Front Lines of Excellence.

It's a Huge Course.

It will hold your hand from A to Z of the whole process. No matter if you have never drawn anything useful before. No matter how old you are. It is just as suitable for a kid of 3 years as it is for a grown-up of 63 years.


Why Cartoon Drawing Skill is so Hot

         Cartoon making is pure fun. Seeing the funny characters and creatures you created is a thrilling experience.  

         You can amaze friends, teachers, mom and dad by showing them your own creations. Your skill will make you more popular in your circle of friends.

Take the case of Timothy. As a shy, introvert youngster Timothy (19 years) was not very well-liked in his college but one day his caricature drawing skill got exposed from his notebook. And since that day his popularity in his college has only gone upward.

  • Can You Imagine the reaction of your friend or your special some one if you send them a beautiful hand made greetings card decorated with your drawings. Or simply e-mail cartoon attachments to your friends just for some extra fun.

  • You can use your enhanced drawing skill to beautify your school or college project work. Your work will attract others to you asking for your help. How is that for an ego boost?

  • If you have an website or planning to have one. You can use your skills to beautify it and attract more visitor.

         No matter if you draw cartoons for your own pleasure or for making money, cartoon drawing is immensely satisfying. Other job or professions just can not match with it.  

         With sky rocketing demand of cartoon makers, it can be a serious way of making good money. You can do it full time or just part time. Starting part-time and then taking it as full time profession is also an option. 

         68 year old Kaka, a retired Tax Officer, gives drawing lessons to neighborhood kids. It's his  hobby after retirement. He charges very nominal amount for his lessons. But Kaka's students are so impressed with Kaka they would have been gladly ready to pay more if Kaka had asked.

Like Kaka you too can teach others cartooning skills in your free time and earn. Absolutely no investment is required.


Who will benefit from this Course:


         Kids and youngsters who want to learn drawing and cartoon drawing in particular.


         Parents who want their kids to learn drawing will find this course the easiest way to get children hooked.


         Anybody who love cartoons and would love to create cartoons himself  but can not gather courage to start drawing something.


         Anyone else who wants to learn this exciting and rewarding art form.


         This course will be equally useful for novices, developing cartoon makers and practicing cartoon artists with a number of years experience under their belt.




What you will find in this Course:

This is a big course. Every thing you need to know as an aspiring cartoon artist is explained step-by-step.  Almost 93% of this 150+ page course is drawing illustrations and rest 7% text instructions, explanations and insider information.


Text fonts are large and clear. Every detail explained in a highly visual way so that even a small child can follow along and use the course to create beautiful cartoons.


In a very short time you will start creating cartoons which will have their own life and personality.


And you can easily use what you learn from this course to draw cartoons using pencil-and-paper or using computer-and-software like Adobe Illustrator, Freehand, Flash or the like. Or you can even use free software like Paint that comes bundled with Microsoft Windows.


Warning! The course is very engrossing and you will love to spend time just looking at the beautiful illustrations.


In fact this course contains practically every thing that you will ever need to learn for drawing lively cartoons.

Why e-book format?

     E-Books are simply books that are available in digital format. E-Books have many advantages over paper books.

  • When you use e-book you save trees, simply because e-books are not printed on paper. That is you save world environment.

       You do not need to pay for High Shipping Charges.

  • You will be downloading the course immediately to your computer  --you can use the course with Windows PC or on Mac. So, no nervous waiting for days for mail delivery man.

  • You can always print the drawings that appeal to you. Move your pencil over the drawing if you feel like. And print another copy for your mom so she gets a good practice too. And Yes! May be another for your sister, she will love you for that.

  • If you plan to use computer and drawing/painting software then too e-book format is the best. Because many software will let you use exiting image as background or a layer.

     I also have included detailed instructions about how to download and use this course, at the download page itself. So you have nothing to worry about even if you have never downloaded anything before.



What you will learn from this course:


Beginner level



  • A simple trick to kick away your inertia that stops you from getting started. The days of chewing pencil in front of blank pad are gone for ever.


  • Correct way of handling pencil, brush or pen. It's shocking but lots of people do it all wrong. Once you get these basics right you are ready to rock. Get it wrong and all further efforts will be pointless.


  • Little known ways of using various patterns-and-shading techniques to liven up your creation. Without this your drawings appear weak and lifeless.


  • Discover box, circle, oval and odd-shape methods of drawing comic heads. And in no time you will be creating sophisticated comic heads like experts.


  • Drawing hands can be quite difficult. Many otherwise promising artists bomb for lack of this skill. This course will have you drawing hands like pros in no time.


  • Feet and shoe drawing made simple. Discover the fundamentals and soon you will start drawing feet with or without shoe effortlessly.


  • Cloths and wrinkles always go together. But it is not easy to draw wrinkles be it realistic or cartoony. Find out the easy way to get started with creating believable wrinkles on your cartoon's cloth.


  • Find the tricks that you can easily use to make your cartoon characters smile, get angry, glad, afraid etc. If you have these techniques in your bag you can make your characters do anything you wish.


Intermediate Level


        Want to make complete cartoon figures that are not only highly detailed but also have their own personality? Use powerful stick figure technique to do it.

         Discover how you can easily draw your characters as if they are in motion. Pretty useful for those who want to master this art form.

     Simple ways to draw women, kids. A major portion of cartoon fans are kids they will love your cartoons when they see cute kids in your drawing.

        Make your cartoon world rich and exciting. Create amazing cartoons of various birds, animals like dogs, horse, tiger any many more.

         Discover what stock type is. And how you can use them.

       Powerful ways to draw unconventional or off-beat comics. This kind of cartoon making can be an easy way to become popular as a cartoon maker.


Advanced level


         Secrets of successfully using perspectives in your drawing. This is advanced stuff and must for serious cartooning. Without this skill you will be considered just another amateur. 

         Discover the use of props and comical gimmicks. Correct use of props and gimmicks will help you to set the mood and bring life to your cartoon characters.

         Drawing water in your compositions can be challenging. This course offers you some very useful tips and examples.

         Little known secrets of making lively caricatures. Lots of caricature of famous men are included (some with their photos) as example.

         GAG panels are seriously popular. Secrets of creating successful GAG panels explained step-by-step with lots of examples.

         Start making high quality comic strips. Lots of  example strips included. Comic strips are highly popular: Newspapers and magazines are always competing with each other for decent comic creators.

         Discover how you can start making Sports cartoons. You will just love this section.

         Political cartoon section of a newspaper gets maximum attention from readers. Step-by-Step instructions and many examples in the course will shape a sophisticated political cartoon creator out of you.

        Without good comic lettering otherwise beautiful work gets ruined. This course will supercharge your lettering skill.



What this Course is not:

         It does not cover animation. But remember every animator is an expert in drawing. So if you ever desire to branch into animation field you will be way ahead of 96% of people.


         This course will not automatically work for you unless you grab a pencil-and-pad and start drawing lines.



So, now you are wondering what will be the price of this course. Please realize if you want to take a course in some school it will cost you hundreds of dollars to learn every thing that you will discover in Complete Course of Cartoon Drawing.

Plus there is little chance you will get a good teacher over there because any good artist worth his salt remain busy with their own projects and get very little time to teach others.

But using this course you can learn it all at your own convenience, at the pace that suits you and all this without ever leaving your own room. I first thought to charge at least $97 for this course and keeping in view what this course offers that would have been cheap.


But actually I am not going to charge anything near that, we all love cartoons and I want this course to help aspiring cartoon artists, hobbyists or anybody who shows interest in learning cartoon making. To keep it affordable for all it has been priced really very cheap at just $27. Yes, to grab this course your total investment is only $27.

But you must hurry! Because my partner is not quite satisfied with the price so I may have to go for a price hike any time soon. If you hesitate you may have to pay $47 or more for this course after the hike.


Glowing Testimonials

I didn't expect as much

I purchased the Complete Cartoon Course for myself and our 3 children (ages 16, 15 & 10). I also produce some in house training documents for a large company and sometimes they can seem very dry and boring; an occasional funny face or clever little cartoon can break it up a little. I have found the course interesting and easy to follow (vouched for by the 10 year old). To be completely honest I didn't expect as much from the course as I received, so Thanks!

Sonia Kime

I will enjoy it for years

I believed that I just mastered the basic skills of drawing and discovered that mastering drawing not only helps passing the time but also increases my personal skills in communication. It also helps me to view life in a more interesting way. 

I actually have an engineering background but recently have the opportunity of doing some courses in sketching and painting.  And I needed some good example for exercises after I stopped the classes for time reasons and needed some material to keep myself going in this area. I am planning to practice the examples in the book gradually, something that I will enjoy for years.


I would not hesitate to refer others to your e-book

I am an artist and I belong to many non profit organizations dealing with the public. There has always been a demand for art classes for kids not only thru the organizations but also thru community interests. I was asked by a local bookstore to give a demo to the local kids. I thought that cartooning would be perfect because real young kids could do the simple cartoons learning basic shapes and how to use lines for expression. It would also allow, not just the children but adults too, that do not have natural artistic abilities to draw with expression.

If, in my teaching I find someone, child or adult, who wants to pursue cartooning I would not hesitate to refer them to your e-book.

Bonnie Posner, Florida

My daughter found the information very useful

My children want to draw comic strips and animations to post on their web pages. They plan to draw right on the PC with their pen/tablet set. My daughter found the information very useful. The step by step approaches should help her out. I might spend some time with it myself, I am the kid who grew up wishing he could draw but never learned how.

Serge Karalli



FREE Bonus!

how to draw cartoons

Bonus 1: Cartoon Collection

When you buy this course I add an amazing bonus. Hold your breath it is a 90 page cartoon collection. Yes you have read it right it is 90 pages and choke full with very high quality cartoon illustrations that will fire your creativity to an amazing height.


Drawing with Pen and Ink

Bonus 2: Drawing with Pen

When you buy I add another bonus on top of the cartoon collection. Your bonux 2 is a huge 100+ page course on how to draw using pen.


This course is choke filled with concepts, ideas and techniques that you can use to create amazing drawing using Pen and Ink.



Bonus 3

But this is not every thing, I also give you another special e-book as my way of saying thank you. This book will show you how you can use the course and the cartoon collection in conjunction with Microsoft Windows Paint program. You can use the techniques shown with any other painting program easily. This will help you to be a top cartoon maker real fast.


Please understand I am a regular guy in mid thirties and at this point when you have not even seen this course I have no  way to prove that you will love this course.

I am simply asking you to trust me. You either will or you won't.

If you do...

You can get the book immediately in PDF format




P.S. A special section for you if you are still hesitating...

You have no valid reason not to try this. If you think you can learn cartoon drawing yourself  by trial and error method think again. Even if you pickup a couple of tricks by trial and error that will take years of your time and in spite of all your blood and sweat you will be no where near the professional skill level.

And there are very few books or courses available in the market that cover every thing that the 'Complete Course of Cartoon Drawing' covers. Most of the material available in the market only covers simple basics and never go inside the deep techniques of cartoon making.

"I don't have $27" (You waste this much money every month! Borrow it if you have to and get started...)

"I'm too busy" (Too busy doing what? If you can find 20 minutes time a day, 5 days a week. you can become proficient within few short months. And certainly you can manage this  little time from a day of 24 hours.)

"It won't work for me" (That little voice inside the head keeps people from being successful. It's holding you back. Give yourself the benefit of the doubt,  You might just surprise yourself.)

Get started with this course today, while it's fresh on your mind...

You can start reading the book within 5 minutes. Even if it is 2.30 AM at night


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