Cartoon bird drawing Tutorial: How to draw a bird

bird drawing tutorial



Draw two shapes as shown in figure.
learn to draw bird



Now add the beak
cartoon bird



Now it is time to add the eyes to your bird so that it can see who is drawing her.
cartoon bird drawing



Add wings and tail as shown in the diagram. In picture tail of the bird has been shown in two different positions.
draw bird



Your bird will look like this in lifted tail position.
learn bird drawing



And with tail in normal position the bird looks like this.
how to draw cartoon bird



Now add legs.
bird drawing techniques Polish your drawing a bit. If you want, color the bird you have drawn.

Now start drawing your own cartoon birds. Use the techniques from this tutorial's lessons and keep on adding to your bag of techniques by continuously learning new approach to complete a drawing. There are numerous techniques are covered in complete course of cartoon drawing

these cartoon drawing techniques are professional-level and explained in simple step-by-step manner.

Keep in mind that practice breeds perfection. Do not loose heart if your drawing does not look professional. Keep on learning and practicing soon your creations will not only satisfy the perfectionist within you but also amaze others.