How to Draw Anything: An Easy Tutorial


                        how to draw

If you understand and practice what is taught in this tutorial you can draw anything you want with effortless ease. Keep in mind that whatever we see around us can be thought to be composed of 4 basic geometric forms. So if you can draw those forms you can draw absolutely anything.

The 4 basic shapes are cylinder, cube, cone and sphere. As an budding artist you should learn two things

1. to draw these 4 basic shapes well

2. To learn to analyze your world in terms of this objects.

The first one is easy. For the second one see the given examples. See how the man analyzes the object in terms of cylinder and two half spheres.

                  How to draw anything

Here is an example with more complicated objects that is a car with its driver and a flying bird. undoubtedly the objects are quite complex but see how even such complex things can be though to composed of simple geometric shapes.

You get the idea on how draw anything that you want to draw now just go ahead and start having some fun.

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