How to Draw Spiderman in Three Simple Steps

Drawing screen heroes is a craze these days. And among superheroes nobody is as popular as Spiderman. Making drawings of Spiderman is naturally becoming a true passion among the kids and teenagers.

Though the youngsters are eager to make faithful drawing of Spiderman many fail to produce something that can be shown to others without being laughed at.

But do not lose heart; if you are one of those who want to make beautiful drawings of Spiderman I will give you some tips that will enhance your drawing.

First, take an image of Spiderman. If you can get your hands on a line drawing of Spiderman use that. By all means try to avoid a picture from movies. Because in a line drawing you can clearly see the lines which is not the case if you use a picture.

Now on a piece paper start drawing the lines as you see in the image. Don't concentrate on details at first. Let the lines form the basic shape of your hero. When you have the basic human form on the paper, add the details.

Let me tell you at the outset your first shots will not produce anything extraordinary. That is just natural don't be overly concerned, just keep on practicing.
After a number of attempts you will start to see the improvements in your drawing.

I should add one very crucial point here, the image that you will be using as a reference should not be a very complicated one. A simple standing posture will be the right thing to start with. As you gain confidence you can always an attempt more complex postures.

When you feel comfortable, try to make your drawing from memory without referring to the image. If what you produce can be shown to your friends with pride you are done. You have just acquired a very rewarding skill that can pay you lifelong dividends if used properly.

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