How to Draw People: An Easy Tutorial

                      Drawing people is the ultimate fun. Even if you specialize in drawing landscape you will require to draw human figures occasionally and getting it wrong can make all the the otherwise good work fruitless.

Drawing human figures need not be complex. Get started with a small circle. which will be head of your Cartoon Character.

                  Now you need to add the trunk to the head. Just follow the diagram given.
                  Add two lines for the legs.
                     Make the feet. With this you are ready with the basic structure of your character. Now you will need to add some details to the basic structure. You will be doing that at the next step.
                    Add eyes, ears, nose etc to the figure. Give him a coat to wear. Also add finishing touches to the shoes. With this you have completed your drawing. If you have followed all the steps as shown in the adjacent figures you will end up with a drawing like this.

 You can employ these simple techniques to make more drawings like these. But if you are not satisfied with this bare bone simple techniques and if you are hungry for more then you must check the Complete Course of Cartoon Drawing.