How to Draw Women: An Easy Tutorial


                         In this tutorial you will learn how to draw a woman. Start with a simple oval. Divide the oval with one vertical and one horizontal line as shown in the diagram. the horizontal line is eye line and the vertical one is the nose-line.
                   At this step add the eyes, eye brows, mouth and some lines representing hair.
                   Add finishing touch to the nose, eyes, lips, eye brows etc as shown in the given diagram.
                   This step is also about adding finishing touches to your drawing but this step goes beyond what you did in the previous step like it adds shine to the lips, eye lashes are more noticeable here. The volume of hair has been made clear by adding more lines intelligently.

The techniques used here are simple yet they produce nice drawing. If you are eager to discover more about professional level drawing techniques check the the popular Complete Course of Cartoon Drawing.