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Advantage of having a home gym [even in a very small scale]

Benefits of regular exercising are many. Regardless of what type of physical exercise you do you are going to be in much better physical condition than someone who spends day doing zero exercise. Though doing anything is better than nothing, why to sale yourself short. Go for the best and do things that are best for your body and mind. Yes mind - research after research has proven exercising benefits your mind s well as your body.

So joining a gym and being trained using a program that is designed especially for you consisting of exercises with free weights, body weight exercises, yoga is the best thing you can do. And your whole being will say thank you for this.

Joining gym is easy, working out is fascinating [because of the serotonin release]. But attending gym fairly regularly may not be easy if you have little free time in your daily routine. And infrequent exercising may not be at all helpful. Also, the experience of working out in a crowded gym, where you stand in queue get to the equipment you plan to use can be far from enjoying.

So, to have the best of both world, join a good gym with reputable training staff, be familiar with the exercise routines and associated program details. Then buy some equipment [that you mostly used in gym and which are prohibitively costly] for yourself and start your own private gym for yourself.

There are many advantages of having your own private gym, it may be small to start with, but nobody stops you to save and buy your favorite equipment over a period of time.

Primary reason me behind having a home gym was good health for whole family: If you manage to go the gym you ensure good health for yourself. But having your own private gym every member can have the benefits of having good and regular exercise. Your spouse, kids the elderly members all can do exercise according to their age and preference. Without a easily reachable gym like your home gym it would be impossible to have this most important benefit.

You save the membership fees: Membership fees of a well-equipped gym is by no means cheap so you save handsomely starting your own small gym.

The convenience factor: Well-equipped gyms are highly popular among fitness freaks. So getting access to the right equipment can be time taking you may have to stand in queue behind others and watch others exercise before your turn comes. Apart from wasting time you lose momentum and start unintended cool down.

Health factors: A gym used by many might not maintain the highest standard of hygiene. So, you cannot always expect when you get access to the bench it will be clean, dry and sweat free.

Restrictions certain gyms impose: In many gyms they ban deadlifting, the most effective exercise for building full body strength. Some gyms so not allow use of chalks to keep gym floor from being dirty. Chalk helps the lifter to lift weight even when their palms sweating. Without chalk doing serious exercise becomes very difficult.

Your gym need not be huge from the word GO: Thought of having own gym can be intimidating. But you can get very good workout with a pair of dumbbells, a gym ball and couple of resistance bands. And, start saving some money from your junk food budget. And in course of time you can expand your gym by purchasing more. Also, do not discount the power of sites like craigslist where pre-used equipment can be found that are in fully usable condition.

Having own gym means exercising in your own time as per your own convenience. But do not forget to get some initial guidance from expert trainer.