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Exercising: How to be consistent and stop skipping training

Join a gym at least for few months, even if you prefer and plan to workout at home

Your gym sessions will help you to be regular even when you are not attending gym any longer. It works because it will create imprint of the images of you exercising in your mind. So, when you think of exercising alone your mind will not go blank. It will have some images to start with. Also, during your gym days if you are sincere you will be able to pick up correct techniques of perfoming most of the common exercises, which will be of tremendous help later when you stop attending gym.

If working at home get a buddy to workout with

This is invaluable. Get someone to workout with you. He or she may be a novice or expert does not matter presence of another soul also eager to train will change the way you train. On days when you feel down just for no reason presence of your training buddy will help you to charge up.

Set a mid-term fitness goal, a short-term goal may not be motivating enough

To be regular with exercising you need to have a clear goal. And it's better if you set mid-range goals along with your short-term goals. setting short term goals only can be too restrictive and uninspiring.

Maintain a publicly viewable training log.

Maintaining such training log will make you accountable to yourself and to your peer group. Be truthful and regular. And add as much detail as possible in the training log. Periodically adding pictures of self and other statistics like body weight, waist size, body fat percentage can help in keeping you motivated.

Invest in some good workout equipment, your spouse may force you to be regular

If you are not planning to be limited to free hand exercises, then you have to make some investment in some equipment and apparatus. Buy good quality equipment from reputed vendors this will help you to train with safety and also because of the quantum of the money invested you will feel obliged to make good use of the equipment.

Be attentive to your body, skip exercising if there is injury

To get most benefit from exercising learn to be attentive to your body. Skip exercising when there is unusual pain in any part of your body, here we are not talking about general soreness which can be quite common when you are trying some new exercise or increasing the difficulty level of your familiar exercise. On those days as a work around you can try doing exercises not involving the injured body part to keep your habit of exercising going and letting the body part heal with adequate rest.