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What is the most effective exercise for reducing body weight.

Keep in mind, diet has more to do for weight reduction than exercising

Having a diet that provides little less calorie than one's daily calorie consumption is the best thing for reducing body fat percentage. Coupled with that there are two more things that are critical for success.

1. Ensuring you are eating clean and low carbohydrate diet.

2. Doing regular exercise. Exercising will ensure you are not only reducing body weight but also becoming more fit. Slim but precariously unfit guys and girls not uncommon these days. Also if you select your exercise routines carefully it will help your dieting efforts to be way more successful.

Still exercise does play a vital role

Walking, jogging are very good exercises but most of the people who walk or jog for reducing body fat know how grossly ineffective these can be for weight loss. But when we think of weight reduction these two activities come in mind before anything. Walking and jogging can help to reduce a little bit of weight but for that you have to spend hours daily, jogging and walking. What is even more important what you lose is not fat entirely a substantial portion of it goes from you muscle bank - hardly a desirable scenario. Jogging and walking have their place for health-conscious people who are after a moderate cardio vascular workout. But for fat loss you have to look elsewhere.

Select an exercise that is not overly taxing but very effective nonetheless

The exercise routines need to be simple with a small learning curve. And should help you to reduce body fat and fat only. Loosing weight in terms of body fluid, or muscle mass is dangerous for overall health and fitness.

It should not take huge time

Everybody is busy these days, or at least we take pleasure in thinking so. So, the exercise routine should not take a lot of time. Daily 20 to 30 minutes range is the sweet spot. Anything more than that can make adherence difficult.

The exercise should help to enhance overall fitness

Normally whenever one sets the goal for weight reduction it is basically a part of a larger goal of good look and increased over all fitness. If that is not true for you, it should be. So, the exercises selected for weightless should be such that one can continue doing those after the fat loss goal is achieved and continue to reap benefits from doing so.

The two exercises that fullfills all the criteria are

1. Russian kettlebell swing

2. Barbell deadlift

Russian kettlebell swing:

This exercise is amazingly effective for reducing body fat. And beyond that it exercises your entire posterior chain - your back muscles, glutes, hamstring muscles become seriously strong. One thing to keep in mind, you need to start this exercise with a small weight then increase gradually. This exercise is magically effective when you reach kettlebell size one third your body weight. It is so effective, if your form is correct expect it to work like a fat pump sucking the fat out.

Barbell deadlift:

You can do this exercise along with kettlebell swing or without it. Like kettlebell swing start small and increase weight gradually. When tired and feel like not exercising skip a day or two but ensure do this exercise two to three times weekly. This is an amazing exercise for entire body, so you are going to reap benefit from this long after your fat loss goal is achieved. This exercise is most effective when you reach the 60 percent of your body weight on the bar and beyond.

Consistency is the key word if you are consistent you will certainly attain dream body. Keep in mind whatever exercise you choose along with your dieting, goal should be body fat loss and not weight loss as that can be achieved through reduction in muscle mass as well, which will simply be counterproductive.