If you can tie a knot you can make kites

Happy man kiteHow a 12 Year Old Skinny Kid Discovered the Secret of Making Perfectly Stable, High Flying Custom Made Kite

Now his friends come to him begging for a custom made kite


My friend Bill’s son Brian from the age of 8 was always fascinated about kites. But only after the age of 10 he started flying kites on his own. When he was 12 he was eager to make his own style of kite as kites bought from market was too boring to his taste.


He bought one kite making guide from the neighborhood bookstore and read it cover to cover. Then on one Sunday he together with his father Bill made a kite using a plan given in the book. But unfortunately he could never fly that kite. Problem with the kite was it was too unstable.


But Brian was not ready to leave it at that point:

So he kept on trying every time getting almost similar results. After collecting 4 different kite making guide books and trying many things from those books he was frustrated.


When I came to know about this I peeked inside the books. I found the problem with the guides is they assumed the reader to be a physics expert and left many things to the imagination of the reader.


butterfly kite

I then told Brian about a course, at first he was not ready for another book but later agreed at least to have a look at it. Only half way through the book Brian got charged again and decided to try a design from the book. And it worked.


Since then Brian has made many kites for his own use and also for his friends. And most of his kites are of his own signature style.


Now dear kite-lover like Brian if you are looking for some guide that will hold your hand in kite making process and show you how to make amazing professional quality kites in easy step-by-step manner,  I have good news for you, the book that turned Brian a successful kite-maker is available to you as well as a downloadable course.


But first, let me tell you one thing popularity of kite making and flying is skyrocketing these days.


Most enthusiasts start with kites bought from market but soon want to make their own kites because kites bought from market lack true variety and start looking for good kite making manuals that will show step by step how to make a kite and also give the secrets how one can make their own style of kite.


And to be very frank, most of the kite making manuals that are available in the market will give you a number of designs/plans and some instructions on how to make those designs.


But there is no book that will tell you how to make your kite of your own unique style and design one that no one has ever seen before.


WindmillBut fortunately, the guide I am going to tell you about, not only will give you more than one and half dozens of highly optimized kite plans that you can readily make and get started, it will also reveal the secrets of turning custom made shapes into high flying and stable kites.


And nice part is the book does not stop there, it actually reveals the secrets of how a kite actually flies once you know that creating unlimited kites of your own unique style and shape will be child's play.


But this is hardly the end. It tells you how to read weather so that you can make you kiting decisions easily. So it will be less likely that you will damage your kite flying it in a day that going to be too windy or when there's going to be heavy shower.


The manual goes on discuss how you can very easily make various accessories that you will require if you want to fly kite really seriously. Things like wind speed gauge, hand made compass and many more things like these.


Complete Course of Kite Making and FlyingIntroducing complete course of kite making and Flying --this course will propel you into the elite group of master kite makers who make kites of every shape imaginable



It's a Massive Course.

It will hold your hand from A to Z of the whole process: no matter if you have never made the simplest kite before, no matter how old you are. It is just as suitable for a kid of 13 years as it is for a grown-up of 63 years.



Why Kite Making and Flying Getting So Hot These Days

1. It is a simple and inexpensive family-craft that every member of the family can get huge fun out of.

2. Flying kites is a sports that can be enjoyed anywhere be it rooftop or sea beach

3. Kiting clubs are organizing may events than ever before, participating in these event no matter who wins is a huge fun itself.

4. More and more parents these days encouraging their kids to participate in outdoor activities like kiting as the kids that play outside grow fast and have more common sense.


Benefits of making your own kite:

1. You use your own design [you will find exact secrets inside the book]

2. You control the exact size of the kite

3. Color, picture, patterns in fact anything and everything that get place on your kite is selected by you. It means high chance of winning in creative-kite competitions.



Fish kite structure


Who will benefit from this course:


1. Every kite lover from 4 to 84 years of age.

2. Parents who want their kids to get started in a craft

3. Any body looking to make money from kite making and selling custom made kites.



What this book is not:

1. It is not a book about history of kites.

2. Also it is not a book about kiting traditions across various nations and cultures. It is a hands-on craft book that teaches you to make kites of your own style.



What you will find in this Course:

This is a big course containing plenty of material. Everything you need to know as a kite lover have been covered from advanced tricks to weather study techniques, from how a kite flies to how to make various equipments to enhance your kiting experience.


It is a 150+ page manual with lots of diagrams and clear explanations of every small details.


Within a very short time it will make you a pro in kite making and flying.


Warning: As there is plenty of material in the course, you should not attempt many things all at once. Start with simpler plans and then proceed to more complex ones then start building kites using your own design.


Why e-book format?

E-Books are simply books that are available in digital format. E-Books have many advantages over paper books.

When you use e-book you save trees –-simply because e-books are not printed on paper. That is you save world environment.

You do not need to pay for High Shipping Charges.

You will be downloading the course immediately to your computer --you can use the course with Windows PC or on Mac. So, no nervous waiting for days for mail delivery man.

You can always print the kite designs that appeal to you.

 I also have included detailed instructions about how to download and use this course, at the download page itself. So you have nothing to worry about even if you have never downloaded anything before.


What you will learn from this course:




Beginner level




  • 18+ kite making plans from very simple to utterly advanced level. This plans give you every minute detail of the whole kite making procedure, nothing has been left to your imagination.


  • 3 must have tools for kite making.


  • 7 optional tools that will make your kite making lot easier.


  • What materials to use for your kites' framework. Clue your material selection should match with the type of kite you are trying to make.


  • If you are going to use cane what type of cane you should go for.


  • Cover of the kite can be made from paper or cloth. when to use what.


  • Glue types that are best for kite making. Using wrong type of glue can be disastrous.


  • When sewing your cover is best instead of using glue?


  • How to select correct type of string for your kite. Keep in mind type and size of your kite are important factors here.


Intermediate level



  • How you can make your kite attractive using various designs on your kite.


  • Discover the right ways of binding, joining and gluing. Other wise you will end up with a kite that is not strong enough to withstand high wind pressure.


  • Various types of knots and hitches. And when to use what.


  • How to make your own reel.


  • How to make parachutes for added fun.


  • How to make wind funnel.


  • How to make and use tassels for amazing looking kite.


  • Discover how you can yourself make climbing disks that will climb along the kite line. This adds to fun of kiting.


Advanced level



  • How to make a kite anchor. This is a essential tool for the serious kiting enthusiasts.


  • How you can make your own Anemometer. This nifty device that measures air speed is essential if you are in serious kiting.


  • How to create your own handmade compass.


  • Detailed discussion on why and how a kite flies. Once you know this, making kites of personalized style will literally be child's play.


  • How to make custom style kites. A complete exercise shows you how to make a full kite from design board to open sky.


  • An unconventional method to stabilize a mad kite. Specially when all standard methods fail.


  • A very detailed discussion on how to study weather form the purpose of successful kiting.



So, now you are wondering what will be the price of this course. Please realize that there is no school that will you teach kite making, the masters of this art has learnt the craft through many many years of back breaking hard work plus massive amount of trial and error.




And once you learn the craft you can make and sale your custom kites to others for good money.



Considering the benefits that you are going to get from the course I had planned to sell it for $67.



But I have actually priced it much lower that. You can get it for only






But you must hurry! Because my partner is not quite satisfied with the price so I may have to go for a price hike any time soon. If you hesitate you may have to pay $47 or more for this course after the hike.




Butterfly-kiteSatisfaction Guaranteed


I am so confident that you will love this course. I guarantee your full satisfaction. If after using this course you think you can not make amazing kites that fly high and are highly stable, ask for a 100% refund within 60 days of purchase. I will give you a full refund. No hard feelings. No questions asked.



Please understand I am a regular guy in mid thirties and at this point when you have not even seen this course I have no  way to prove that you will love this course.


I am simply asking you to trust me. You either will or you won't.


If you do...


You can get the book immediately in PDF format




So you have NOTHING to lose!

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You can start reading the book within 5 minutes. Even if it is 2.30 AM at night






PS:    A special section for you if you are still hesitating...

You have no valid reason not to try this. If you think you can learn kite making yourself  by trial and error method think again. Even if you pickup a couple of tricks by trial and error that will take years of your time and in spite of all your blood and sweat you will be no where near the professional skill level.


And there are very few books or courses available in the market that cover every thing that the 'Complete Course of Kite Making and Flying' covers. Most of the material available in the market only covers simple basics and never go inside the deep techniques of kite making.

PPS:   Don't delay order immediately.  There's going to be price increase very soon. Grab this manual now and save $$$$


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