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"Finding out in advance whether someone is right for you is possible..."


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Dear friend,


If you are eager to learn how to find most suitable and compatible marriage-partner before you actually get married, you are at the right place,

I congratulate you for your interest in finding most suitable mate. It makes you different from others who are too busy to care for their own life.

I like you because you understand the fact that avoiding a problem relationship is thousand times easier than getting out of one.

"Some of the requirements for a happy marriage, such as wise choice of mates and marrying your own kind, are important perennially and everywhere"

JAMES H. S. BOSSARD                   

Author of "Why Marriages Go Wrong"                   


...And as you perhaps understand, your mate selection will influence your life more than anything else you have done so far. There are number of issues from simple to not-so-simple ones that arise in the process of engagement and marriage.


There are just too many things to be careful about, too many things that can go wrong afterwards. Take the case of Louise...


  Louise a 26-year-old girl from a small town who always wanted to go places. One summer she met Charlie, a quiet, reserved boy, who had a clean and "honest" face.


  Charlie told her that he worked with an investment company. He was plentifully supplied with money. He came from the big city, where she had always longed to live.


  His good looks and pleasing personality so charmed her she rejected Frank, a nice boy who lived around the corner, and married Charlie.


  Not until the police arrested him during their honeymoon did she discover that his real business was gambling and forging checks...

  Though very rare, such cases do occur. But, you need not feel scared at this stage, a little planning will make things fairly simple.


  When you know the secret how-to-information on finding your most suitable mate the whole process becomes a lot easier.

"Many young people ponder long and hard over the choice of a career, but marry on what seems like the spur of the moment."

  Today you have a lot more choices to select life partner thanks to mind blowing development of Internet.


  There are literally Millions and Millions of profiles in various matrimonial and dating service providers' database waiting for you.


  You can easily, within just a few seconds, contact anybody, anywhere in the world. Life offers you more choice now.


  But, more choice demands more attention. And at times more investigation.


  Dating and matrimonial services give you choice and lots of it, with all the preliminary data. But you still need to make your own decision.


Until recently it was used to be a tough task, guys and gals were used to depend on gut feeling for selecting the person of their life.


And as you can see from the number of separation cases, there used to be far more miss than hit.


But not any more, I am going to introduce you to an easy and simple shortcut. It is a book which will relieve you from your back-breaking effort of using Trial-and-Error method.


This manual can also be used as a discussion sparker with your future mate. Or you can just use it alone.


It will give you, step-by-step, all the tips and secrets.


Everything, that you really need to know, you will find at a single-place.


Why waste years trying to find your compatible life mate and  still running the risk of ending up in a wrong relationship?

Introducing One Of The Best Books Ever Written On This Subject.

Author of this book Dr. Doovall has revealed the secrets from his rich store of wisdom with his trademark gentle humor.

This book is filled with meaty stuff. It is practically premarital workshop-in-a-book. Only difference, you don't have to spend a fortune. Plus you need not leave the comfort and privacy of your own room.

Everything that you need to look for in your future life-mate is revealed to you in a well arranged and logical manner. It is so powerful that it almost guarantees your success.

All the bits-and-pieces that you will ever need to know have been thoroughly covered.

Even a dumb person can understand and use all the tips, and ideas. 

It will work for you even if you just read the book once and try only half-heartedly.

Read This Small List Of Topics Covered To See For Yourself, How Useful It Is!

  • Avoid the most common mistake. In your eagerness to get married, you are more prone to make one mistake. Know what it is and what you can do to avoid it.


  • Know your future partner. Learn from this guide how much or how little you must know about your partner, before you commit for long term relationship. Find out what aspects of him/her you should know more about. And gain freedom from worry.


  • Find why having some interest or hobby which is common with your future partner is so important? Be at advantageous position by learning which type of common interest is most helpful.


Discover on which form of love, a marriage can sustain and grow? Reading this book, you learn to easily recognize this kind of love. It will make your task of finding life mate easy. __________________________________________________

  • Know about ideal difference of age between marriage partners. And why it is important.


  • What is the educational qualification of your future partner? What should be your decision if s/he is over or under qualified.
  • What is your future partner's social standing? Is her/his social class different from yours? What can go wrong because of this in future? Get the answers and guidelines for handling such situation and avoid future troubles.


Are the parents of your future partner happily married?  Know for sure that this also will have effect on your marriage. This guide book discusses the matter in detail and tells you clearly what options you have if the answer is 'NO'.



  • Exploit the power of suitability scale and get unfair advantage.  Learn about it. Use it. And be confident before you select your life partner.


  • What do you know about your future partner's family? Do not ignore this important area. You must know certain vital piece of information about her/his family background. The guide will show you exactly what you need to find out. Missing even one will make it a futile exercise.


  • What to do if her/his family background does not satisfy you? Though s/he is very nice her/his family background not very good. What should be your decision? Take your   decision after reading this book.


Are you introvert (or extrovert)? Know how introvert, extrovert difference can affect your marriage, and what you need to do. This will make your future stress free.



3 Myths

And Mistaken Believes.


There are various myths doing rounds about the matter of marriage, And chance is you do not recognize them as myth because separating myths from facts is difficult.


Myth # 1


It's ok to marry someone for love. Or love is the thing which really counts, in choosing life partner. If you love someone then you need not be bothered with other things. Your love for each other will pull you through every difficulty.


Truth is far from this. Though, marrying someone because of love in itself is not the problem, problem occurs when your love blinds you to obvious flaws of other person.


When John and Mary were in love they thought that they were truly 'made for each other'. Later they married. But after few months Mary realized that John had serious problem of 'anger management'.


It is not that she did not have clue to this when they were in love and were contemplating marriage. But her love for him never allowed her to think logically.


Few more months down the line, it became almost impossible for Mary to carry on in this marriage. Divorce followed.


So, before anything, you need to check the type and depth of your mutual love. How do you know, of what kind it is, whether it is selfish or unselfish, sound or unsound?


You have to do your homework right.


Myth # 2


Getting into long term relationship on the basis of recommendation of some friend, close relatives or some over friendly matchmaker is right thing to do because they are taking the headache away.


Entering into a long term relationship like marriage without detailed thought, is a mistake that 97% young person do.But it is far better than getting married on the basis of suggestion, recommendation or tips of some friend or relative (no matter how close).


No marriage decision should solely be based on somebody else's recommendation. It is a sure shot way to failure. As other's knowledge of a person can never equal to the knowledge the person has about herself or himself.


Believe it or not there is sea of difference between what people perceive and believe of you and what you really are.


You are a very different person than what other people including your parents believe. In simple terms there is a perception gap.


You are the only person in touch with your inner reality. Your goals, your secret dreams, your hidden desires are entirely your own.


Best option is, learn the secrets of finding your ideal mate yourself and start applying them in your own characteristic way.


And, if at any time need arise, act on other's tips only after successful completion of compatibility check.


Myth # 3


There is nothing one can do regarding finding ideal mate and being successful in marriage. Everything depends on luck. Unless our luck favors us we are helpless.


Like everywhere else here also some people love feel helpless. But this helplessness is self imposed. Success in marriage does not depend on the participants' luck.


All it actually takes is just two compatible, well-adjusted  human being.


Simply by being little proactive one may find compatible life partner. It just calls for some groundwork like any other job .


  • Do you think premarital sex serves well, as a sexual compatibility test? Discover the  truth.


  • Be clear about whether the lady (you or your partner) will work for money after marriage or not? Very important point, never dare to ignore it. Know how this can affect you.


  • Plan. If the lady works for money, how do you two intend to spend the money after marriage? You can  make your future problem free just with little pre-planning.


  • Do you think disclosing your premarital sex relationship (if any) to your future partner will be good decision? Let the guide book help you to decide.


  • What is your plan about premarital medical checkup? Use the crystal clear guidelines given in the book. And have total peace of mind.

This step-by-step guide book is jam packed with all the above and many more questions, solutions, tips and ideas. If you don't see it for yourself it will probably be hard to believe that there can be so many important issues at all.

Here is a tiny list of topics covered...

  •         Previous engagement

  •         Life goals

  •         Adultery

  •         Financial success

  •         Children

  •         Parenthood

  •         Religion

  •         Race

  •         Culture

  •         Family

  •         Sex standards and illicit sex

  •         Standard of living

  •         Personality

  •         Emotional health

  •         Crisis handling

  •         And many, many more...

You Have No Chance To  'Figure It Out', On Your Own, Unless You Read This Guide Book.

It is result of 20 years of sincere hard work. And certainly you can not wait for twenty more years to gather the experience yourself. Can you?

Think what it will be worth to you...

What it will be like, to be happy in life after marriage, being loved and respected.

Certainly much better, than a life burdened with daily fighting and losing mental peace, health and beauty as a result.

 An unhappy marriage can simply suck the Life and Beauty out of you like a vacuum cleaner. And let's not discuss what it can do to your  financial health.

"With all due respect for the achievements of science, we have no confidence in its ability to transmute impossible choices of mates into lifelong happy marriages."

JAMES H. S. BOSSARD                   

Author of "Why Marriages Go Wrong"                   


Okay, so what's the price of This Incredible Resource? It is just $39.

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British Bar Association once, admitted that the principal factor responsible for English divorces was sexual incompatibility.

Not many things have changed since then. It is still one of the key factor. And it is true, for all societies including the British.

These two volumes, cover issues that are very important for successful conjugal life. I promise, that you have never seen such a reveal-all-secret book.

This is not some 25 page e-book. These two volumes together contain 230+ pages of solid useful material.

Think, what a resource like this can mean to you.

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Fair enough?

Take action right now and grab your copy. You have ready help at your hand. Use it. Trust me, you'll be so impressed you will count me among your true friends.

At this point when you have not even seen this book I have no  way to prove that you will love this book. I could have shown you what others are saying about the book but that is not a 'foolproof ' way because somebody else's likes and dislikes might not match with yours. I do not think what others are saying is important here especially when you can always take your money back within 60 days if you do not find it useful.

I am simply asking you to trust me. You either will or you won't.

If you do...

You can get the book immediately in PDF format


So you have NOTHING to lose!


If You Don't...

Then please accept my sincerest thanks for your time. I wish you the best in life.





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