The Slow and Healthy Way of Reducing  Excess Body Weight


Are you tired of one-size-fits-all weight loss programs?


Dangers of being over weight are many: diabetes, hypertension, heart, kidney, or blood vessel ailments –the list can go on and on. You are certainly aware of these and that's exactly what motivates you to lose those extra pounds.


Unfortunately we make losing weight more difficult for ourselves than it really is. Fact is every one is different. A weight loss program that works for others might not work for you. Most of the weight loss programs do not take this thing into account and fail to produce any noticeable results.


Introducing an effective manual of weight reduction that will hold your hand and show you how you can reduce your body weight without punishing your body, locking yourself for hours in steam room, spending fortune for being tortured by masseur in the name of weight reduction or wasting a lot of money to follow some fad diet regime.


In this 150+ page book by Dr. Herbert M.D. you'll discover...


  • Are sure you are over weight. How to determine how much over weight you are?


  • This is not a program cut into stones. It describes a set of guidelines and you design your own program from these guiding principles. That way you are not sweating out with a program that worked like magic for aunt Jenny.


  • This program will be only for you and when you apply the principles laid out you'll not only lose weight you'll also stop unwanted fat from taking over your life again.


  • What this program is not:
    1. It will not prescribe any worthless drug that will cause harm to your body.
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      Diets Can Be Deceptive

      Some people, while reducing, lose fat and body tissue without showing any loss on the scale. That is because they are retaining water which replaces the lost tissue. It may take from a week to a month for their water balance to correct itself automatically. Medical journals have reported cases in which there was no weight loss for a month, followed by an 8- to 10-pound loss in a few days.

      Don't be discouraged by the apparent failure of your diet—and don't be too delighted by a sudden loss of weight. Some people lose 8 to 10 pounds during the first week of dieting because of mild acidosis. This causes the loss of large amounts of water. As has been pointed out repeatedly, weight fluctuations because of the presence of water are unimportant.

    2. It will not promise any im­possible cure
    3. It is not compilation of general misinformation that is doing rounds.
    4. It won’t prescribe any miracle diet or miracle injection


  • Even if the reason behind your extra body weight is mental or emotional the program will help you to tackle that.


  • Dieting programs often leave you undernourished so your immunity and over all health suffers. Learn how you can achieve overall good health and reduce body weight at the same time.


  • Why women are more vulnerable to the problem of obesity.


  • Read about the woman who was gaining 2 pounds a week. got back to her normal weight back with in few short weeks following this system.


  • Learn how our modern apartments contribute to weight gain and what you can do about it.


  • How increased body weight puts pressure on your vital organs and what you must do to solve this problem.


  • Why diet fad gurus are hiding real facts from you. Once you know the reality, you become convinced that you too can lose weight.


  • Discover the difference between organic overweight and emotional overweight. Unless you know this your effort might hit a wall.


  • Why natural foods and miracle diets does not produce results.


  • Learn the difference between scale weight and body weight –you will understand why you regain most of the weight you lost in your local weight-loss-parlor within few short days.


  • Why massaging and use of vibrator like devices may be just wastage of time.


  • Why high protein diets, salt free diets fail to produce any perceptible weight loss. In fact these diet fads do more harm to your body than good.


  • Why exercising in hot ambient –the latest fad these days—does not work either.


  • Time to time weight loss quacks prescribe various fad foods like molasses, yoghurt, wheat germ, brewer's yeast -- why these miracle foods do not work as described by the quacks.


  • Why appetite depressant drugs fail to work as they should and how this drugs can be even harmful to some.


  • What you don’t know about your foods can be making you fat. Know the truth about your foods   -- it will make losing weight easier for you.


Take a Peek Inside

If you reduce to your desirable weight, the scientific odds are that you will live longer. This fact is discussed in detail in Chapter 2, The Dangers of Overweight. You don't need science to tell you that you will also look better and feel better.

Better nutrition goes hand in hand with a weight reduction program. When you finish this book you will under­stand the positive values of nutrition. Instead of starving you, the safe and sure diets will enhance your good health.


  • One mistake when not avoided causes body fat accumulation even when you are on salad and vegetables and staying away from rich food.


  • Learn how you can take better care of your body’s nutritional needs and reduce excess and unwanted body fat at the same time. Shocking truth is most of the obese people are malnourished.


  • This book will show you how you can eat large, tasty portions of food and still reduce body weight.


  • Why having a large breakfast actually helps you to reduce weight.


  • At what maximum rate you should reduce your weight. You can not cross this limit without jeopardizing your over all health.


  • What alternatives you have if your excess body weight is because of less active thyroid gland or hypothyroidism.


  • Why many women put on weight after child birth. And how this effect can be reduced.


  • The organic illnesses that can cause obesity and what you can do about these.


  • Know about the emotional causes that might result in excess body weight in people.




How to loose weight

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