7 things not to eat when trying to lose weight     

If you are trying to lose weight there are some obvious things you should not eat. still many people eat those fat burger meals and chocolates while on a "diet".

Here are 7 things not to eat while trying to lose weight:

1. Fried Foods

Deep fried foods are nutritionally bad for anyone. Don' eat it!

It will only be a havoc with your weight loss diet.

2. Steakhouses

A steakhouse or restaurant can be a Nutritional Hell. Alot of the food served at such places such as fried onions are so full of Calories, Saturated Fat and Salt that it is actually a health risk eating it. And even worse, the onions are usually served with a sauce that has even more Calories, Fat and Salt.

3. Misleading Manufacturers

Don't believe the adverts, and make sure you know what you eat. A lot of so-called healthy food are the exact opposite.

4. Big, Bigger, Biggest Burgers.

Fat Fat Fat! Not necessarily the burger it self but all the extra cheese and bacon and sauces can be a real health risk. Order a plain burger with a litle bit of sauce if you absolutely need to eat that kind of food.

5. Appetisers

Try to avoid appetizers as the generally are full of calories. If you are on a weight loss diet, appeteizers are a nutritional no-no.

6. Calorie Clogged Cakes and Cookies

Crumb Cake, Cheese Cake, Whatever Cake... Just DON'T eat it!

7. Drink Water

Drinking cocke, coffe with cream or suger, tea with sugar etc can easily add up to 500 or more calories per cup. Drink water instead!!

Hope these few tips could help you think over what you eat before you eat it.



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Quick weight loss pointers

Do not reduce calorie intake suddenly, expecting quick result

Occasional fasting can work wonders, but be cautious you should not dehydrate your system, drink lot of water during your fasting.

In extreme cases of obesity surgical procedure can come handy

Take a diet rich in protein and low in fat and sugar

If you feel your work towards losing weight is taking fun out of life, choose fun as life is short.

Get your diet plan designed by expert dieticians not by your doctors, simply because your doctor is an expert in treating diseases and not specifically trained to recommend diets

Your exercising routine should not concentrate only on burning calories, you should also train for gaining muscular strength other wise your exercise may hurt your body and it can be really difficult to continue with your program

Strengthen your will power through affirmation and visualization.

See a doctor and start dieting or take help of medication that suits you. Congratulate yourself on small success but do not treat yourself with fattening food

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