Want to lose weight –then stop trying too hard     

The easiest way I've ever found to lose weight is to simply STOP trying to lose weight. That may seem counterintuitive at first. But here's the secret - instead of trying to make myself do something that feels like deprivation, I instead focus on something positive. In this case, I focus on eating healthy food that I know is full of nutrients.

I plan my meals so they feature several servings of fruits and vegetables first. Then I add a low-fat source of protein and a dairy product. That's a very simple diet plan, but if I vary the actual food I use, I will have a very healthy, nutritionally sound diet.

I don't try to count calories, or skimp on meals, or only eat grapefruit or carbs or no carbs - or follow any other diet fad. The problem with most of those diets is that even if you manage to lose some weight, you'll gain it all back the minute you go back to your regular diet.

The real challenge is planning delicious meals filled with nutrients, and then simply eating them every day. Even with the occassional lapse, you'll still find yourself losing weight - and feeling a lot better at the same time. Strangely enough, you won't even feel deprived!



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Quick weight loss pointers

Do not pity your self accept yourself as you are and start improving from that point onwards.

Occasional fasting can work wonders, but be cautious you should not dehydrate your system, drink lot of water during your fasting.

Remember boredom=success when you feel bored from all these tell yourself you are nearing success; after all, boredom comes from sticking to a routine and that is the secret behind successes.

Have a pet; engage yourself in a hobby like gardening

In extreme cases of obesity surgical procedure can come handy

Do exercise that suit you.

Use good scale for measuring your weight. Use same scale every time as not every scale have correct calibration. And take weight in a fixed time of the day. As we do not weight same all through the day.

Strengthen your will power through affirmation and visualization.

See a doctor and start dieting or take help of medication that suits you. Congratulate yourself on small success but do not treat yourself with fattening food

Want to lose weight –then stop trying too hard
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