Practical fat loss tips     

I'd like to share some fat loss tips.

I mean, seriously, if you're lugging around extra weight, any day is as good as another for some simple ideas on how to achieve a little fat loss, right?

Well, to start shedding some pounds, start including the following in your health program...

Eat a calorie restrictive diet. In other words, eat no less than ten times and no more than fifteen times your lean bodyweight in calories. Example: if your lean bodyweight is 150 pounds, each day you should eat no less than 1500 calories and no more than 2250 calories.

Exercise for at least 30-45 minutes three or four times per week. Experts disagree about pace. Some say sweat up a storm; others say to be moderate. The important point is to get off your butt and exercise.

Weight training is great. Try pumping a little iron three days a week with a simple set of weights you can buy at K-Mart for something like $25.

Add a quality super green food to your diet. Supplementing your diet with such a product will improve your health and help you with fat loss.

Be sure to eat adequate dietary fat, including high amounts of Essential Fatty Acids (Omega-6 and Omega-3). Carlson's Cod Liver Oil is an excellent product, which tastes nothing like fish oil. In fact, it tastes like a lemon drop.

Following these simple tips will definitely help with fat loss.



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Quick weight loss pointers

Quick pointers

Consult your doctor but do not depend on them to do some magic. It is your life and you have to take charge of it.

Take traveling as hobby, believe me it can really reduce your baggage when you start carrying external baggage

Start socializing do not be couch potato

If you are not a computer phoebe you can use easy software that will help you to keep in track by letting you know your calorie consumption

Drink water, not coke or coffee

Consult a doctor about what should be your ideal weight without a goal in front of you, you will go no where.

Take cooking class to learn tasty, low calorie dishes.

Never make the mistake of calculating your ideal weight based on your height, your build is also an equally important factor that you need to take into account.

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