Chitosan and fat loss     

Chitosan is taken from chitin, which is found in the exoskeletons of crustaceans. The shells of shellfish are removed, then ground into a powder. The powder is then stripped of some specific chemicals, which leaves the remaining substance able to actively bond to fats.

To get a little more specific, the chitosan fiber is able to absorb six to ten times its weight in oils and fat. It chemically resembles the plant fiber, cellulose, however it differs in that chitosan binds with fat molecules and converts them into a form that cannot be absorbed by the body. The absorption occurs before the fat can be metabolized, and the resulting ball of fat is simply excreted.

Preventing fat being absorbed by the body is not the only weight loss benefit of chitosan. This 100% natural substance is a superior fiber, and thus also contributes greatly to the body's internal cleansing process. And because far less fat is being absorbed into the body, the body will burn more stored fat and result in a higher net weight loss.

The power of chitosan can be multiplied by also supplementing with vitamin C. Research has shown that adding vitamin C enhances the absorption of lipids, and the citric acid increases the swelling action of the chitosan. This phenomenon increases appetite suppression.

Chitosan can be purchased in capsule form either as the sole ingredient or as part of a compound. One or two capsules should be taken about ten minutes prior to each meal. It is also important to drink six to eight glasses of water daily when adding fiber to the diet, or when faster digestion is desirable.



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Quick weight loss pointers

Be with supportive friend and family members

Get your diet plan designed by expert dieticians not by your doctors, simply because your doctor is an expert in treating diseases and not specifically trained to recommend diets

Consult your doctor but do not depend on them to do some magic. It is your life and you have to take charge of it.

Set midterm realistic goals and do not use the scale often, give your body some time to respond

If you find exercising boring team up with a group of like minded people; the group dynamics will help you stick to the schedule and on the top of that it will be fun instead of boring routine.

Have a pet; engage yourself in a hobby like gardening

Your body requires fat do not try to be fat free

Sudden reduction in body fat can damage your skin tone; the slow and steady method is the best

Not all fats are bad; learn to make distinction between good fat and harmful fat

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