Using water for reducing body weight     

Did you know that water is extremely healthy and that you should drink at least eight glasses of it every day? So, what does that have to do with Weight Loss? Well, actually, a lot...

First of all: water has no calories. Also, drinking water makes you feel less hungry because it fills you up. Plus water cleanses your body, by making your kidneys work, which in turn speeds your metabolism and makes your body use more calories. And, by the way, no other drinks will be a good enough substitute for plain, fresh, filtered water. However, you can add a squeeze of lemon if you do not like plain water.

Here is a secret about water and how you can stay slim and healthy for the rest of your life simply by drinking water: Half an hour before each meal, and two and a half hours after each meal, drink two glasses of water.

Continue this practice for up to three weeks and you could lose about eight to fourteen pounds. This works for people of any age – young or more mature. You may have heard of some celebrities who lost a lot of weight following this practice. So,

the next time you feel like a soda, reach for water and you'll be doing yourself a favor. One more tip: If you have a head ache, instead of taking medicine, try a glass or two of water, wait for 15-20 minutes and you will very likely no longer need any pain medication.



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Quick weight loss pointers

Steam hot shower do not work. But cold shower do. Take cold shower if can withstand it. With cold shower skin temp. will go down and body will dig into reserve calories.

Learn and practice yoga

Have a pet; engage yourself in a hobby like gardening

Do not depend on exercising solely be sure to change your diet and life style as well to get permanent result

Find out low calorie alternatives to your favorite foods. You will never know about the various options that you have as far substitutes are concerned unless you start looking for actively.

Your exercising routine should not concentrate only on burning calories, you should also train for gaining muscular strength other wise your exercise may hurt your body and it can be really difficult to continue with your program

See a doctor and start dieting or take help of medication that suits you. Congratulate yourself on small success but do not treat yourself with fattening food

Do not participate in programs that dehydrate your body to reduce weight.

Do not pity your self accept yourself as you are and start improving from that point onwards.

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