Keys to positive weight loss     

Help! My high school reunion is next week and I need to lose 50 pounds!

Sorry, but unless you're willing to cut off a limb, that's not likely.

It's more likely that anything you do that drastically drops your weight is not going to last, not be healthy, and in the long run, cause you to be even heavier when all is said and done.

So, what can you do?

- Plan early. Really plan.

- Not "I want to lose weight" but be specific with your weight loss goals.

- Be consistant - don't jump from one plan to another. Stick with your plan as scheduled. If you have 'days off', fine, but other than that, be strict.

- Be realistic - 50 pounds by next week? You read the first part of this, right?

State your goal as "I will weigh (insert desired weight)" Not, I'm going to lose 50 pounds.

- Take a day off now and then. Plan them. Enjoy them. You'll find it's easier to stick with your weight loss plan this way, and you'll have less desire to eat even the bad stuff even when it's your 'free day' or 'day off' from your plan.

- Reward yourself: preferably with going to do something besides eating :-)

- Get a partner to help you stay motivated, to help motivate

- Use exercise and careful diet selection together, not just one or the other.

Is that it?

Well, there's more, but this is a good start no matter what plan you decide on.



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Quick weight loss pointers

Do not depend on exercising solely be sure to change your diet and life style as well to get permanent result

Set midterm realistic goals and do not use the scale often, give your body some time to respond

Find out low calorie alternatives to your favorite foods. You will never know about the various options that you have as far substitutes are concerned unless you start looking for actively.

Consult your doctor but do not depend on them to do some magic. It is your life and you have to take charge of it.

Sudden reduction in body fat can damage your skin tone; the slow and steady method is the best

Do exercise that suit you.

Drink water, not coke or coffee

Steam hot shower do not work. But cold shower do. Take cold shower if can withstand it. With cold shower skin temp. will go down and body will dig into reserve calories.

Learn and practice yoga

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