Reversing diet for loosing weight     

I heard of a "new" weight loss diet called "The Reverse Diet" that's basically eating dinner for breakfast and breakfast for dinner.

The logic in this plan is that when you eat more food for breakfast you will not get hungry as fast and burn the calories during the day instead of having that large meal at night, then watching TV for 4 hours and then going to sleep.

Eating the large meal in the morning and the lighter meal at night helps improve your metabolism and improves your health.

The only problems I can see with this Reverse Diet is how many people get up early enough to cook a dinner BEFORE going to work. You can't really go out to a restaurant at 6 AM and order a dinner. This diet needs a big lifestyle change to follow, or maybe I am missing something?



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Quick weight loss pointers

Take your bodyweight and photograph before starting on your journey.

If your joints are not in good shape to withstand the strain of long distance walking or running, swimming can be a good alternative for you.

Your body requires fat do not try to be fat free

Occasional fasting can work wonders, but be cautious you should not dehydrate your system, drink lot of water during your fasting.

Be with supportive friend and family members

Have a pet; engage yourself in a hobby like gardening

Get your diet plan designed by expert dieticians not by your doctors, simply because your doctor is an expert in treating diseases and not specifically trained to recommend diets

If you are not a computer phoebe you can use easy software that will help you to keep in track by letting you know your calorie consumption

Take cooking class to learn tasty, low calorie dishes.

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