It’s important to create an exercise program you’ll Stick To     

We all acknowledge that the best way to melt off that fat and live healthy is to have a beneficial diet plan and exercise on a regular basis. Here are a few helpful tips to help you build up an exercise program you can follow.

Firstly don’t be too drastic when planning your program. Planning an exercise program is great, but let’s be fair to ourselves and give ourselves targets we can achieve. If you attempt to achieve too much at once, all your going to do is give up on the idea and return to your old habits. Let face it if you normally get little or no exercise then attempting to run a few miles a day just isn't on. Start with small steps in your exercise program, for instance go out for a walk every day, Take the dog for a walk if you have one; maybe start off with a 30 minute walk or so. Walk to the shops and leave the car at home. Do that for a few weeks and gradually work up from there. It's astonishing how just a regular walk will help burn off the fat.

Your exercise should be an experience, enjoy the exercise or you will soon find that you get bored and revert back to little or no exercise. Sure Treadmills and other gym equipment can be great ways to burn calories fast, but if it's sunny outside why not enjoy the weather. Get yourself a bicycle and go for a ride, enjoy the outdoor life. Try new things until you find something you like, otherwise you'll get bored and stop going to the gym, remember that if your bored or in pain you’re more likely to make excuses and give up.

Reward yourself when you achieve a target or goal. If you keep the targets or goals small then there's a greater chance that you'll achieve your targets and continue with the plan. Of course, make sure that you achieve the goals before rewarding yourself.

Invite a friend along, it makes the work out more fun and people who work out with a buddy are a lot more likely to stick with an exercise plan.

Think about it, if you are meeting a friend for the work out then you’ll feel bad if you cancel it, and therefore you’re more likely to go. You also benefit from a voice of encouragement or friendly competition pushing you along. Also having someone there to talk to will make the time fly by faster and you’ll have more fun.

Mix it up. Don't get set into a routine when doing your daily exercise, otherwise it will eventually become boring, spice is the variety of life as they say; therefore find several activities you enjoy and alternate them.

Remember also that the same goes for your diet, Mix it up, don't eat the same foods day in and day out. Some studies are now showing that the body may detect certain regular eating habits and diets, adjusting it's metabolism to meet with the diet and that this reduces the effect of the diet. Now if that is the case, then mixing up your daily diet may help with your weight loss program.

Being healthy and fit isn’t easy; and it does take time and effort, but if you find a workout plan and a diet that works for you, you’re well on your way to a healthy, fit new you.



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Quick weight loss pointers

Never make the mistake of calculating your ideal weight based on your height, your build is also an equally important factor that you need to take into account.

Take traveling as hobby, believe me it can really reduce your baggage when you start carrying external baggage

If you feel your work towards losing weight is taking fun out of life, choose fun as life is short.

Take your bodyweight and photograph before starting on your journey.

Eat slowly to reduce fat; our brain is slow to send us signal when our stomach is full. It may take 10-15 min. for the brain to realize you are full and to suppress the craving for food. So if you eat real fast you may end up consuming more than you will ever require.

Do not reduce calorie intake suddenly, expecting quick result

In extreme cases of obesity surgical procedure can come handy

If you are not a computer phoebe you can use easy software that will help you to keep in track by letting you know your calorie consumption

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Start socializing do not be couch potato

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It’s important to create an exercise program you’ll Stick To
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