When is the Best Time to Start a Weight Loss Campaign?     

With the high level of obesity in some countries, and the health dangers it attracts, there are millions of people who have weight loss on their minds. Many of those will know they should lose weight, and may even realise they could be seriously ill if they do not. Yet, even when they have decided to lose weight, they put off the start date. Consequently, they make no serious attempt to bring down their weight to a healthy level.

Commonly, people look into the near future, and see an occasion when they will want to indulge in food. Once autumn arrives, the sniff of Thanksgiving turkey and a Christmas feast cause many to delay their weight loss program until the New Year. Then the New Year arrives and they reinforce their timing decision with a New Year's resolution. But all their friends break their resolutions so it is easy for them to break their's too. Anyway, it's the depths of winter, and depressing with the cold and dark, so they sit indoors eating to keep themselves happy.

"Aah, let's start in the spring." By spring there are more likely to be wedding feasts, garden parties, or lots of other excuses to delay starting a weight loss campaign. The same is true of summer, and then the cycle starts all over again. Procrastination rules; the weight and health risks grow.

So, when is the best time to start a weight loss diet? The answer to that is "immediately". If you find reason to delay, then you do not have the mental resolve to lose weight sufficiently and permanently. You are creating a problem that will not go away. So, start convincing yourself now, and begin the search for the best way for you to attain a healthy weight. If it is coming up to autumn when you read this, that is great; if you can overcome temptation during the heavy eating holiday season, then you have a good chance of being a weight loss success. Procrastinate, and you are doomed to long term failure.



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Quick weight loss pointers

If you feel your work towards losing weight is taking fun out of life, choose fun as life is short.

Drink water, not coke or coffee

Learn and practice yoga

Take traveling as hobby, believe me it can really reduce your baggage when you start carrying external baggage

Take cooking class to learn tasty, low calorie dishes.

Find out low calorie alternatives to your favorite foods. You will never know about the various options that you have as far substitutes are concerned unless you start looking for actively.

Strengthen your will power through affirmation and visualization.

Steam hot shower do not work. But cold shower do. Take cold shower if can withstand it. With cold shower skin temp. will go down and body will dig into reserve calories.

In extreme cases of obesity surgical procedure can come handy

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When is the Best Time to Start a Weight Loss Campaign?
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