Simple and do able weight loss plan     

I've been fat, and I've been slim, right now I'm sort of in between. It seems like just about every winter I put on 15 or 20 pounds that I try to take off as quickly as possible in the early spring, and I'm usually quite successful at it. I'm also one of those types that, when I do gain weight, most of it seems to be in the form of belly fat. I know, not so attractive. Let me share with you my experiences of how I lose belly fat each year.

Before I go into my weight loss routine, let me just say that I'm not one to count calories or carbs, so any kind of diet plan that rely on that is definitely out of the question for me. I just don't have enough time in my day to do all of that counting and planning! I have tried them in the past, but I just couldn't do it. My plan is relatively simple and not too painful.

From the late summer to early Spring I usually eat 3 meals a day of moderate portions, but I don't restrict what I eat. Then starting in mid-March I swap my 'eat anything' breakfast for a piece of fruit and a bowl of oatmeal or whole grain cereal with low fat milk. Then by June 1st I swap my 'eat anything' lunch with a low-calorie frozen meal and a piece of fruit. I don't ever make any changes to my dinner plans – I look forward to a good dinner each day and I don't want to change that, and besides I don't need to.

By June 21st I usually find that I have dropped my belly fat and I'm 15-20 pounds lighter as a result of my slight changes in eating. As for exercise, well I really don't incorporate any additional exercises during the weight loss timeframe. I do tend to work out throughout the year so I just continue with that schedule. I suppose I get more exercise in the summer months just by doing all the extra summer activities.

I'd like to have the will to eat like this all year long – and never have any belly fat to lose, but I tend to get lazier as the weather gets colder.



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Quick weight loss pointers

Quick pointers

Take traveling as hobby, believe me it can really reduce your baggage when you start carrying external baggage

Do not depend on exercising solely be sure to change your diet and life style as well to get permanent result

Consult a doctor about what should be your ideal weight without a goal in front of you, you will go no where.

Sudden reduction in body fat can damage your skin tone; the slow and steady method is the best

Strengthen your will power through affirmation and visualization.

Use good scale for measuring your weight. Use same scale every time as not every scale have correct calibration. And take weight in a fixed time of the day. As we do not weight same all through the day.

Not all fats are bad; learn to make distinction between good fat and harmful fat

Do not reduce calorie intake suddenly, expecting quick result

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