Where to Start Losing Weight     

If you're like most Americans (65%) you need to lose weight. Why? There's lots of reasons. For starters, you'll feel better, look better, have more energy...this list alone could take up an entire article. But where do you start?

You're first step should be your doctor's office for a checkup. If you've had an annual checkup in the past year you're off to a good start. Either way, tell your plans to your doctor and ask if she/he has any suggestions or limitations to recommend. Pay attention. Develop a reasonable game plan.

Your goal will likely be to lose 1-2 lbs per week. It doesn't sound like much but this works out to 12-24 lbs in three months and 52 to 104 lbs in a year. Many people would be thrilled to lose 50 lbs.Your strategy will focus on two main factors - diet and exercise. The formula is simple enough...burn off more calories than you take in. One pound of fat equals 3500 calories. Somehow you need to get rid of 3500-7000 calories per week or about 500 to 1000 caloriess per day. How do you do that?

First start a journal. It doesn't have to be fancy, just accurate and consistent. Record what you eat, count the calories, and how much you exercise. A daily walk is a good place to start. As a rule of thumb, a 160 lb person will burn 100 calories per mile walked. You can use this formula for slightly more accuracy: your weight x distance = energy used walking

Speed is not as big a factor as you may think. Obviously, the faster you go the more distance you'll cover in the same time period. However some maintiain walking slowly burns more calories because stopping and starting takes more energy than steady movement.

Be sure to streatch out before and after you walk and don't overdo it. After you've been walking for a while you may want to consider other activities to burn calories.

As you write down what you eat, you should find plenty of places to cut out some excess. What you cut depends on your current eating habits. To start you should consider replacing high-calorie foods with lower calorie substitutes. Anyway you cut it the best thing you can do starting out is to record your progress in a journal. Journaling takes the guesswork out of your efforts and gives you concrete date to help you achieve your goals.



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Quick weight loss pointers

Your body requires fat do not try to be fat free

Take your bodyweight and photograph before starting on your journey.

Consult a doctor about what should be your ideal weight without a goal in front of you, you will go no where.

Occasional fasting can work wonders, but be cautious you should not dehydrate your system, drink lot of water during your fasting.

Remember boredom=success when you feel bored from all these tell yourself you are nearing success; after all, boredom comes from sticking to a routine and that is the secret behind successes.

In extreme cases of obesity surgical procedure can come handy

Set midterm realistic goals and do not use the scale often, give your body some time to respond

Use good scale for measuring your weight. Use same scale every time as not every scale have correct calibration. And take weight in a fixed time of the day. As we do not weight same all through the day.

Drink water, not coke or coffee

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