The Truth About Weight Loss     

You've been there, staring at a plate of salad that's supposed to be your main meal of the day. All the nice food is locked away in an underground bunker and so long as you've got enough willpower to leave it there for the next few weeks or months, you really will lose weight this time. That's what the latest diet book told you, so it must be true, mustn't it?

The real, unpalatable, truth is that your new diet is almost certainly doomed to failure. If it wasn't, the whole diet industry would go bankrupt overnight. One year it's low carb, another year it's eating cabbages until you look like one, then there's the complicated scientific diet that you need a Masters degree to even try to comprehend.

So how do you get off the diet treadmill? How do you stop the cycle of losing 10 pounds only to gain 15 pounds back when you return to real life?

Quite simply, you need to throw away all your useless diet books and listen to your body.

Chances are that you currently eat on "auto pilot". One minute, there's a plate of food in front of you, the next minute there isn't. While you're eating, you're also doing lots of other things. Watching television, reading a newspaper, walking along the street, driving your car.

And that's the problem.

Start to set aside your meal times as your own private sanctuary.

If you are eating, devote your whole attention to eating.

Start to eat when you are hungry (not when you are bored or because you "always eat at this time of day").

Enjoy every morsel. Notice the taste and texture. If you're using a knife and fork, put them down between each mouthful. If you're eating a sandwich or burger, put it down on the plate between bites.

Then start to notice when you feel full. As soon as you start to feel full, stop eating. Your body is giving you a message – listen to it!

That's it. Eat when you feel hungry. Become fully involved with your eating – notice the flavors and textures. Stop when you no longer feel hungry.

Oh, one more thing. You knew there was a catch! Don't panic when you stray from the plan and over-eat. Don't throw the plan out of the window just because you lapse occasionally. Just get over it. Unless you're superhuman, you will lapse. You'll maybe binge eat or munch your way through one too many chocolate cookies. That doesn't mean you're a failure. It just means you are human. Get over the lapse and go back to the plan. You'll be amazed at how easily you can lose weight and – more importantly – keep the weight off.



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Quick weight loss pointers

Start socializing do not be couch potato

Steam hot shower do not work. But cold shower do. Take cold shower if can withstand it. With cold shower skin temp. will go down and body will dig into reserve calories.

Be with supportive friend and family members

Do not participate in programs that dehydrate your body to reduce weight.

Have short term goal for reducing fat but very long term approach to maintain the reduced weight. That is do not go back to old fatty diet and couch potato life style once goal is achieved

Your exercising routine should not concentrate only on burning calories, you should also train for gaining muscular strength other wise your exercise may hurt your body and it can be really difficult to continue with your program

Your body requires fat do not try to be fat free

If you are not a computer phoebe you can use easy software that will help you to keep in track by letting you know your calorie consumption

Never make the mistake of calculating your ideal weight based on your height, your build is also an equally important factor that you need to take into account.

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