Weight management and exercise programs     

Diet is obviously important in any weight management program but it must be combined with an activity program. Trying to lose weight without addressing the exercise levels is a recipe for failure. Activity can mean a variety of things, including exercise, dog walking, washing the windows, house cleaning or even shopping. All are factors that contribute to your daily activity level. Around an hour a day in total is worth aiming for. The amount of physical activity that an individual can do on a daily basis depends on their personal level of fitness. If you are not sure how much activity to undertake, consult your GP to get guidance.

Exercise burns calories, simple as that. The more the exercise, the more calories are burnt. Muscles burn calories, even at rest, so increasing your bodies muscle content works well to keep weight under control.

Benefits of exercise include;

Increased metabolism means more calories are burned, so weight management is easier.

Blood pressure is reduced

Increased efficiency of the heart

Muscles and bones increase in strength

Increasing fitness means your are less fatigued at the days end

Your sleep patterns are improved

You will feel and look better in yourself

This will increase your confidence

Improved sex life

Digest the facts above and realize the benefits of exercise as a routine in your life. It is the only way to make sure that you control your weight and more importantly, that you don't put it straight back on again.You don't have to set out to strain yourself lifting weights and exhausting your body. Take it easy to start with - a 10 minute walk around the block. Build on this daily until you feel comfortable with increasing activity to the next stage.

Most of all make sure you have fun - enjoy it. Choosing an activity that you enjoy will ensure you are more likely to stick to your new regime.



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Quick weight loss pointers

Take your bodyweight and photograph before starting on your journey.

Have a pet; engage yourself in a hobby like gardening

Reduce weight to be fit not thin.

If you feel your work towards losing weight is taking fun out of life, choose fun as life is short.

Do not reduce calorie intake suddenly, expecting quick result

Use good scale for measuring your weight. Use same scale every time as not every scale have correct calibration. And take weight in a fixed time of the day. As we do not weight same all through the day.

Drink water, not coke or coffee

If you find exercising boring team up with a group of like minded people; the group dynamics will help you stick to the schedule and on the top of that it will be fun instead of boring routine.

Consult a doctor about what should be your ideal weight without a goal in front of you, you will go no where.

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